A brushstroke of our origins.

The village house is documented from 1881

although there is evidence that it alreadyexisted in the eighteenth century. To this dayit has been inhabited by the Martí Pich family, where all our ancestors come from. Aunt Conchita lived in the house until 2013, and during the summer season she welcomed guests, all of them faithful who repeated year after year.

The structure of the house has been preserved,

after a long period of works, always keeping in it the essence of the building; old wooden floors, splendid beams, beautiful hidden stone walls . . . all combined with a renewed style and comfortable to make your stay easy and comfortable.

With great effort and enthusiasm,

and always with the intention of preserving tradition and our personal desire, we haverecovered CanCanà and some how we have given it a new air.

The Escarré Castillo family
– La Dolors, Neus and en Roger –

will be delighted to give you awarm welcome
and make you feel at home.